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"I help small business entrepreneurs & beauty professionals create a stand out presence on the web and social media"


First thing first, I want to give a special thanks for showing interest in my website whether you are inquiring about services or want to get to know me and my background experience. I come from a Journalism background where I obtained my bachelor's degree from Georgia State University with a concentration in Multimedia News Reporting. Many would say they would consider me as a jack of all trades being that I have experience in broadcast journalism, web design, video production, photography and even radio where I was an intern for Cumulus News Radio 106.7 while I attended Clark Atlanta University.

Considering I have a degree in Journalism, many would ask, "What made you decided to get into web design?" While taking an elective graphic design course at GSU, I found a new love for branding and marketing. When creating a brand, besides having a consistent & cohesive look, storytelling is a big part of it. That's where journalism comes in. I enjoy helping other entrepreneurs like myself humanize their brand through storytelling. It's not the brand that sells the service or product, it's YOU!

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